Julia is one of the most wonderfully caring and selfless people I have ever known. Her gifts and healing abilities are incredibly amazing. Julia has continuously helped heal my aches, pains, and my emotional issues since the day I met her over a year ago. Whenever I feel out of sorts, or have trouble with pain, She is always right there to help me. And it is truly miraculous how immediate I feel relief!
Thank You So Much Julia. I want you to know how absolutely Blessed I feel to have you in my life! You are Such an amazingly Talented Beautiful Woman and I Love You SOOOOO MUCH! Thank You for ALL that You do for Me! I Truly appreciate You and all that You are doing for Everyone! I Love You
Joann – PA

I much appreciate Julia’s strong intuitive practice. During our sessions and the discussions we had afterwards, my own knowledge and intuition was heightened. Julia has a keen sense of connections in the body and a vast knowledge of energies and their intricate workings. I am so grateful for her expertise and sad to see her move out the area! Much love!-Renee - Pennsylvania

Julia has the amazing ability to channel profound healings, I could feel my body vibrating just laying on the table. Once she began, the amount of energy coming through was intense yet easy. I highly recommend a session with Julia for healing, releasing, or just to relax. I am so grateful to have met her and I look forward to my next session. Nikole - PA

Thank you Dear Julia,
It is the most gorgeous pendant I have ever had. I LOVE IT!!!
I love my other two pendants I purchased from you. Right now they are in "cleansing" state.
This pendant has such an amazing energy I ever felt. Just pure love, pure beauty. I did not even want to cleanse and program it. It is great as it is.
Just want to say huge Thank You to You and huge Gratitude to people who made such a wonderful tool.

Dear Julia,

Everything in life happens in divine order and I feel I was referred to you at the perfect time in my life.  Your knowledge of healing and your gentle loving touch during the integrated energy therapy sessions have been the perfect solution in my search for healing.  Your knowledge, combined with a joyful spirit, quickly developed a bond of trust unlike anyone I have worked with previously.  This has allowed me the freedom to quickly relax into the healing energy you provide.

You not only work with healing the energy of the physical body, but you continue to assist and encourage me to heal on an emotional level at the same time.  I cherish the amount of time and energy you put into each session. 

All of this is done in the spirit of giving the gift of your time, your beautiful healing energy and your knowledge – encouraging me to continue the healing modalities between sessions to sustain the progress already made.  This has allowed me the freedom to keep moving forward on my path to better health, to being physically pain free and mentally at peace.  I was truly blessed the day I was referred to you.

Namaste, Jan

Julia, I just received the pendants, and they are more beautiful than I imagined!
Thank you!

Cathy, Canada

I have known Julia for many years.  I am a massage therapist at a wellness center where Julia frequents.  She's been teaching classes there.  I took her Integrated Energy Therapy beginner and intermediate classes.  I will be taking the advanced class also.  As soon as I took IET I became much more sensitive to my clients energy.  Julia also activated my cranial temple.  As soon as that was done I felt a shift inside of me to a more peaceful state.  Physically, I have felt great since having that done.  As soon as you meet Julia you will know you have met a soul who will help your soul on its rightful journey.

Sincerely, Tammy

I have been customer, supporter, and friend to Julia and her company Wellness Treasures since its inception. Over the years, no matter what healing modality was being used by Julia, I always had a positive health outcome. Julia’s energy is positive and unique. She brings a warmth and calmness to the body, mind, and spirit during her energy sessions. It is my belief that it has been more her energy than anything else that has provided me with the ability to manifest relief of pain and increased well being over the years.

Julia B. – Teacher from Pennsylvania

I have always had very dry hands, especially in the winter. My hands would crack and bleed. Since I started using the dead sea salt scrub from Wellness Treasures, I have had no problem. In fact, my hands are very soft. I use the scrub on my feet and any other dry areas. I have tried many lotions to keep my hands soft, and nothing works like the scrub. I also use the 40+ face lotion. I apply it about once a month. Maybe more if my face seems to get dry. I was buying a very expensive face lotion, but Wellness Treasures face lotion does the same for a lot less.
Try some of the products, you won't be sorry.


I just wanted to let you know how much I love your product. I am delighted to finally find a product that leaves my hands soft and supple.

Wellness Treasures Sea Salt Scrubs are wonderful for anyone who has dry cracked skin. My hands would hurt so badly from cracking, especially in the winter months. By using your Sea Salt Scrub I am not only relieved from the pain of cracked hands I am also pleased with how soft it keeps my skin.

Thank you Julia!

Mary H.

I have experienced the softness provided by the massage oil in Sensual Blend, Relaxing Blend, and Breathe. The oils are not only moisturizing, but have a very soothing scent.

I have also tried a cream recommended for hands.; However, I have used it on my lips and on the lines around my eyes. I found this product to be very effective in healing dry skin.

In addition to producing a quality product line, Julia was a pleasure to do business with.

Betsy, 43

I have been using Julia's products now for a few months and am extremely happy with them!
Julia introduced me to her products when I told her about the problems I was having with my skin. I have a skin condition which leaves my skin, dry flaky and itchy! I have more than likely tried every product in stores and nothing has worked. Everything was too scented and made my skin worse. That was before I tried Julia's products.

After the very first time I used the bath salts, my skin felt and even looked amazing!!
I honestly could not believe my eyes. The moisture was brought back and my color even seemed to come to life. If Julia's products were sold in stores it would be the only thing I would buy! These products are amazing and I would proudly recommend them to absolutely anyone!


Julia's Anti-Wrinkle Cream for 30+ is amazing. It goes on smooth and the aroma is just like being in an expensive spa. My husband has even noticed that my skin is less dry. I have also used the bath salt - Grapefruit Peppermint being my favorite, and the Moisturizing oils were a life saver during our cold, dry winter.

Bronwyn, Canada


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