Nanu Matrix Rewiring: Sea of Energy

Stemming from the gateway of energy into the ocean of chi- my team will lead and express, to your team, how to re-direct the genetic programming lines of communications in an inward voyage of discovery.  Upon mapping the roads between different contorted lines we’ll vibrationally align to the other sources such as the galactic angelic realms, which will aid in the clarity of the information received.

Once your existing lines of communication have been re-routed, additional lines will be installed.  

Investment:    $75.00 per session (30 mins)
Recommended - 2 Sessions (initial and follow up) (Pre-pay 2 sessions: $140)

Julia will contact you via email to schedule your session.  Sessions will be performed over the telephone or Skype.
PAYPAL Invoice will be sent to you from Julia’s company, Wellness Treasures.

Other Sessions offered by Julia 

Common sense disclaimer: If you or your animal has a medical condition, please seek proper professional medical/veterinary treatment.


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