Buddha Maitreya Head Pyramids and Etheric Weavers®

My personal testimony:  In August 2010 I acquired the Ascension Head Pyramid and an Etheric Weaver.  At the time I had been seeking the pyramid for the healing/clearing of my crystals, since then I have found the pyramid to be beneficial in mediation and remote healings; I place pictures and names under the pyramid of those who request healing.  I have experienced wonderful results with my pyramid and especially with my Etheric Weaver.

One experience that stands out is when I was working on my aunt; her legs were red and swollen with open sores.  She was in a lot of pain, I had the weaver with me and my guides directed me to use this tool on her legs.  To our amazement we both witnessed the structure of her skin cells change from red to white.  We blurted out in unison “Did you see that?” Since then I carry the weaver with me at all times and use it in most of my healing sessions. What is so great about both these tools is that you need not be a “healer” for these tools to work. Anyone can use these with amazing results. 

Many blessings - Julia

Buddha Maitreya Etheric Weavers®

The tools are all basically an Etheric Weaver (pictured left) made up of this fundamental design of crystal, wire wrap and magnets.  This is the "Science of Metatronics" named after Metatron that is an angelic name like the Archangel Michael, for the Mind of God.  One way to explain this Science is that it is made up of the natural laws of sacred geomancy, the simple universal forms found at the heart of nature and reflected in all world religions through the sacred forms of Churches, Temples, and Stupas.

A pendulum-style tool, use the weavers on self or others, also 'long-distance' over a name or a photograph.  Try also over food, water, and on animals.  Will help clear a space either by walking holding the weaver out in front, or hanging it up.

How to Use the Buddha Maitreya Etheric Weaver®

Etheric Weavers® are simple to use and can be used by anyone. Begin by holding it over your palm for self-healing or meditation. In this position in treats the whole body as the body's meridian system is mapped out on the palms of the hand. For treating other people, it may be held over any part of the person’s body to help with any symptom or process, whether physical, emotional or mental. Whenever possible, allow the person being treated to listen to the accompanying Soul Therapy Music® as it greatly helps the healing process and compliments the treatment.

For space clearing, hang the weaver up or walk slowly in the area whilst holding it out in front, pausing anywhere that seems appropriate as the weaver gently moves. Hanging the weaver allows it to act as a resonator for balancing the energy in a room and healing the vibration there.

The tools are very effective for long-distance healing. Hold the weaver over a picture, drawing or name. Food, animals, plants, water, - even your car, or computer - can benefit from the Love and Harmony that transmits through the tool.


Is it helpful to use other healing modalities along with the weaver?

The weavers are used by acupuncturists, reiki practitioners, nurses, doctors, naturopaths, herbalists, yoga practitioners, flower essence practitioners, practitioners of energetic medicine and psychologists, along with lay practitioners who use many holistic forms of healing, all have found the Etheric Weaver® to be the most useful and most effective of all treatments even at a distance people feel the energy.. .There is nothing to compare it with. .They work in complete synthesis with all modes of healing, even surgery. They are never contradictive to any healing technique.

Buddha Maitreya Head Pyramids

For Personal & Planetary Healing

  • For meditation & healing
  • Use to Bless food, water, vitamins etc
  • Wear when studying, focusing, watching TV
  • Long-distance healing


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