Crystal Properties

Amethyst purifies and amplifies the healing and spiritual energies.  Balances emotional highs and lows.  Strengthens the blood, circulatory and immune systems.  Transforms blocked energies.  Helps protect from overindulgences.

Ametrine is the marriage stone, the natural occurrence of amethyst and citrine.  Blending earthly and spiritual energies.  Activates creativity, clarity and intuition.  Assists in attracting the riches of the earth.  Energizing like the sun, warning, comforting and life giving.

Andaras Crystal Glass - Deep green ‘heart’ variety of Andaras found in El Dorado County, CA. A very happy often described as a ‘fountain of youth’ stone.

Angel Aura Quartz (Rainbow Aura Quartz) energizes and enlivens all the chakras.  Helps heal stressful relationships.  Assists in becoming more objective.  It can aid in the art of conflict resolution.  Can bring out hidden talents and Divine gifts.

Aqua Aura is good for relaxing stress, increases ability to communicate.  Joins love with wisdom to create compassion. Aids in getting rid of headaches and calming fever.

Aquamarine is the stone of courage. Sharpens intuition. Decreases fear. Provides compassion and emotional stability. Aids in communication.

Bahia Blue Obsidian is a natural Obsidian from Bahia, Brazil. Very helpful in clearing the mind. An excellent aid in meditation and helps to open the third eye. A benevolent guide to developing intuition and insight.

Blue Topaz aids in the search for truth.  Helps in times of stress. A manifestation stone.  Allows one to be able to communicate their desires effectively.

Citrine assists in acquiring and maintaining prosperity.  Delivers both comfort and optimism.  It does not hold negative energy, but disperses it.  Soothes family and business relationships.  Aids in digestion and in activating the thymus.

Clear Quartz helps to heal the mental, physical and spiritual ailment.  Contains all colors to help balance, energize and expand all elements to make us whole and fulfilled.  Helps each of us to find our own inner light.

Danburite is a powerful intellectual activator. It is useful in enabling your light to shine. It carries a very high vibration, to help stimulate the 6th and 7th chakras. It is also useful for liver and gall bladder conditions and assisting in removing toxins.

Golden Labradorite is historically associated with the power of the sun.  Brings rejuvenation and strength.  Brings good luck.

Iolite is helpful in stimulating psychic abilities.  Emotionally soothing. Provides insight into solutions for problems.

Moldavite is among the most powerful gemstones, it has an extremely high vibration. It helps to open blocks and clear all of the chakras. An excellent meditation stone when used at the heart, third eye or crown chakra.

Peridot helps in understanding the changes in one’s life. Protects the body. A warm and friendly stone.

Phenacite helps in understanding the changes in one’s life. Protects the body. A warm and friendly stone.

Pink Tourmaline brings love and spirituality together.  Helps bring growth, joy and harmony.

Prasiolite is a heart soothing stone.  Teaches the power of prayer and forgiveness.  Reveals unconditional love.

Rhodolite Garnet is a stone of stability. Brings clarity and calm. Assists contemplation, brings inspiration. Balances passion and emotional love.

Rose Quartz gently energized and creates warmth.  Helps to discover love in ourselves and in others.  Lifts depression, creates confidence and peace.  Heightens personal expression.

Ruby Lavender Quartz is a laboratory created quartz (rich in Neodymium, a rare earth element), assists in activating the “High Heart”.  It is helpful in filtering and cleansing empathic negativity.  Opens the domain of the High Heart in which the wisdom of Love is revealed.

Rutilated Quartz intensifies the power of the quartz crystal.  It illuminates, energizes and helps balance. Assists one in getting to the root of a problem, provides access to the reason for the disease or discomfort.

Siberian Blue Quartz is laboratory grown specifically for the linkage to the third eye and the mental body.  Allows a clear interception from psychic insight.  Aids in the development of psychic abilities.

Siberian Gold Quartz is laboratory grown in Russia.  Powerful balancer. Balances the male and female aspects as well as right and left brain.  Aids in connecting to higher self, accelerates the development of psychic abilities.

Siberian Green Quartz is laboratory grown in Russia. Activates the heart chakra and expands throughout all the bodies.  When consciously directed, is very calming and bathes one in a healing energy.

Siberian Purple Quartz is laboratory grown to amplify spiritual energy.  It resonates with the crown chakra and helps transform blocked energies.  Balances the emotional body.

Super Seven is a famous mineral combination found only in the Espirito do Santo District of Brazil, attunes one to Peace and Brotherhood.  Utilizing the innate gifts that come with the blossoming of cosmic consciousness.

Tanzine Aura Quartz is good for relaxing stress, increases the ability to communicate.  Joins love and wisdom to create compassion. Aids in getting rid of headaches and calming fever. (Similar to Aqua Aura, but carries more violet ray.)

Tourmalinated Quartz is a combination of black tourmaline in clear quartz.  Brings the forces of light and dark into harmony.  Can be used to transform or deflect negative energy.

White Topaz brings Universal Law to one’s awareness.  Encourages wisdom, patience, forgiveness, and service.  A stone of purity and grace.  Provides for confidence and trust in oneself.  A manifestation stone.


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